thank you tt world

as you can see im new :bonk: just bought a 02 yz426 and had just a few questions. but all of them have been asked and thay have all been! i love yall and i dont even know ya. thanks :thumbsup: p.s the yz 426 is one hell of bike . who knew :thumbsup: well time to go do some therapy,later :bonk:

Welcome to T/T and enjoy that 426

Welcome newbie. How about posting a picture of your new ride?

That would be cool

no problem i can do as soon as i learn how to use my toshiba. im a little slow with how this thing works :thumbsup: lol so be patientwith me. i have a 2000 kx 125 and now the yz 426 (two different worlds with a little learning curve!)but hay you got too love it :bonk: i will try to post tonight. any tech help on posting the pic would be nice. (thanks from the computer dork)


Welcome to thumper land - - BRRRRRAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!

Congratulations on the new bike and welcome to TT! go to and make an account. It is free and pretty straight forward from there. Then once you have uploaded your pictures copy and past one of the 3 links listed below. If you are unsure about which link to copy and past just click the question marks by each one to find out what it does.

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