XL600 tire questions

Hello everybody, newbie here, as i'm sure you'll be able to tell from my question! I have an '86 XL600r and I want to put some more streetworthy tires on her. My problem is that I am unsure of what exactly will fit. I know the front is a 3.0-21 and the back is a 5.1-17, but how does that convert to metric tires? Also, do I have any breathing room when it comes to new tires, or do I need to find the exact metric fit period? Thanks everyone, great forum!


3.00-21 is 100/90 or 80/100. 5.10 is 120/100 or 140/80

I have run 5.10"-5.30" and 130mm - 150mm. I had to pull the chain guard off to run the 5.30/150 width tire..

thanks guys, i just want to clarify though. are you saying that only those two measurements will fit, or anything within that range? more specifically, would a 90/90 front and a 120/90 back fit? thanks again!


That should work with no clearance issues....

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