Service Manual wrong?

im just curious, i was re jetting my bike today and im new to 4 strokes so i was following the manual and i saw this pic isnt the other one the pilot jet? i may be a dummie. correct me if im wrong.... :thumbsup:

My book is the same. Its wrong, that's the starter jet. Your arrow is pointing to the pilot jet.

yep your right but you can always just look at the # on the jet if you arent sure

why does the service manual for the 99 yz400f require taking off the exhaust to do a oil filter change

Not sure but I think that the O1 pipe is the first one that will clear the filter without removing the pipe but all you have to do is loosen it so it will twist far enough out of the way.

So do the Pilot Jet and the Starter jet look the same as far as appearance when they are out of the carb? I just did mine and followed the manual so I wonder if i put a 48 pilot in the starter jet. Is this even possible?

no, they look different.

thanks Matt...I figured as much but wanted to be sure. The bike runs great now with the jetting. They must have changed the manual as this was my first time jetting and it seemed like the manual was spot on with what I needed to do.

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