hot starting

HI all just wondered if anybody could shed some light on a problem i have my xr600 1987 starts great from cold 1 or 2 kicks but after riding and engine is wormed up.if i stop and cut the engine it does not restart to easy if i leave it to cool down it starts 1 or 2 kicks again any help please.GARETH.

Dude check the valve clearances, they sound tight :thumbsup:

no not that checked and ok :thumbsup:

Man it's not a new bike,and even new bikes sometimes can be cantankerous.

It could be a range of things

Has it always done this or is this a new problem?

Just throwing out ideas-----> If it's always been like that then maybe the pilot circuit isn't jetted properly. Rich pilot jets start great cold but are tough to start hot. Where is your fuel screw set? Try leaning out the fuel screw and see if the condition improves.

Mate i figured out your problem worms are no good for dirt bikes,see when it gets wormed up it doesn't run properly,when you get rid of the worms it runs again.

I am so sorry,i couldn't help myself,you see i too am bored.

wesk it cannot be a worm problem as i have not seen you anywhere near my bike :thumbsup:.Sorry could not help myself.the mixture screw is set 2 1/2 turns out from seated i will adjust it and let you now how i get on.cheers.

It could be a worm problem because i am everywhere and yet nowhere,more often nowhere.

Man you will work it out,a bit of mucking aboot you will find it,but no more nightcrawlers.

still no worm problem never had a problem with worms any time day or night in the uk.Just maggots on my pc. :thumbsup:

Gareth if you change in your first post on this thread an o to an a it might run better and cause a few readers to worry about my sanity.

i worried about your sanity in ya first post.about the bike i am just going to stick some pedals on it so when i cant start it i can pedal it home :thumbsup:

Mine does that as well...having rebuilt the motor I know its not valves etc, got to be the pilot circuit. I'm guessing the air passages have crap in them. Is it just me that finds removing the carb a pain in the rear or does everyone have a nightmare??

Getting the airscrew just right is another hit & miss job...2.5 turns out is about right in my opinion, depending on temp. etc. I adjust mine regular especially when its cold outside. Good old British climate eh??

ps where in the uk r u?

hi i live just outside Coventry yes taking the carbs off is a pain done that cleaned and blown them out

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