Yet another GPS Thread...

While I haven't used either, I have used the eXplorist 100. I'd make sure with either of those that they have the ability to be powered externally off of your battery (if you were thinking of doing that). If your planning on just using AA batteries, then the eXplorist 100 is a great (and very cheap, I got a couple at Fry's electronics for $60 a while back) option, IF your only using it for off-roading and don't need the maps. In other words, you can use it for breadcrumb trails, markers, and for a host of information including speed and odo. Otherwise if you do need maps, the Garmin GPS V is fairly inexpensive and if I remember correctly, is waterproof. If you look, it can be had in the $150-$160 range (Bestbuy has, or had, them on clearance).

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