blowing fuses

My bike has bean blowing the "master" fuse whenever I stall the bike. Strange because it never blows at any other time. Riding in GLamis this winter it has happened several times. Each time immediately following any time the bike stalls. The last trip I noticed the head and tail lights no longer work :thumbsup::bonk: Some of you may recall my fustration with my BD dual sport kit and I am convinced this is related. Prior to this fuse thing I only blew one fuse last year at the top of comp hill in the cinder hills. The bike will run but on battery only only until the fuse is replaced.

Any ideas on the lack of lights???? The fuse thing has not occured since I put in a larger fuse...I know I know :thumbsup:

I'm not familar with the BD DS kit but I do this type of work frequently.

The larger size fuse may be risking your wiring harness. I've seen it happen.

Just some thoughts... When it stalls I hae a habit of pulling off or at a stop pulling or pressing the brake, depends on the terain. Can braking circuit light wiring be a problem?

If you do not have access to a decent meter do this.

If you can one at a time pull the plug to say, the tail light circuit. Pull it, tape it over to keep dirt out and go for a ride. With stock fuse, see if it blows.

If not, pull the plug to isolate the next circuit etc. If its related to the DS kit I'd think you could isolate its components one by one.

I am on my way out to the garage after thinking about this some more. The stator has been "mod" ed with the AC and DC circuits combined. Since the fuse blows at 10 amps and not at 20, is it possible that I am experiencing a spike in currnet that blows the 10 amp fuse yet leave the 20 alone? This in no way explains why the lights are out :thumbsup:

I need to dig in the manual. Does any one know of any other cause beyond the main fuse that would cause the lights to go out???

As for the brake light....Yamaha pre-wires the brake portion of the light from the factory. BD and others simply supply the switch. I will look into your idea though.



I would say you have a short, you might want to buy a multimeter.

I can light up the head and tail lamp with a "spoof" wire direct from the battery to the low or high side of the headlight socket plug. I do not think it is as simple as a short. It only blows fuses after the bike stalls and not every time....I am assuming this causes some sort of a amperage/voltage spike. I now feel the hole thing is due to the BD kit. Even after disconnecting it and returning to the original OEM rectifier I still cannot restore the lights :thumbsup: This is why I am looking for ideas beyond the obvious like the fuse or a simple short to ground.

Has anyone ever blown the master fuse? Is this at all common to the WR?

First of all get the larger fuse out of there before you do some real damage. Next I would try to isolate the circuit which is causing the problem by disconnecting the headlight first, trying it then disconnect the taillight and so on. Did you contact DB, maybe they have seen this problem before and have a solution. How much larger amperage fuse works? If it's only a couple amps you might be all right but if you have a 20 amp in there instead of the 10 amp you are asking for problems. Good luck.

BINGO :bonk: .........I thought more about it and after the numerous trips to the garage.........I found it. The headlamp/combo switch from BD had a tiny burn through on its circuit card. Jump this and WHAALAA!!!! Lights!!! :thumbsup:

But, what burned it???? At this point with the fuse blowing and a burned circuit card the only thing left is the mod done by DB to the stator and/or their aftermarket rectifier.

As for contacting them :thumbsup: been there done that. I know of other members that have had similar bad luck with them. They do not call or write back and have not been at all helpful. The 300 plus bucks for the kit is the only reason I am even still talking about BD. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

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