Radiator braces or Guards or both?

Had a bit of a scare the other day, I bent my left radiator a little bit.

It didn't take much at all, I just dropped my bike in really really soft sand.

After searching around the net, I found that the prices to replace this sucker is unbelievable.

The stocker radiators are real weak, the best thing to do would be to replace them all together, it would cost me about $600 Australian to do so. Even at $US400, they are not cheap.

Good thing is that the radiator is not leaking. It is not that bent either.

The big question would now be which would be the way to go? Braces or guards?

Devol guards? Works connection braces? Unabikers? There is a lot available.

I am swinging towards the Devols, as they seem to have a strap that stops the rad being pushed back.

I would like to hear everyone else's experiences / comments on this please, this is what makes Thumper Talk the ultimate resource that it is! :thumbsup:

This is my opinion. Devols are junk. My uncle has them on his 426 on I dont see how they get any strength. My choice, by far, is Unabiker. I had them on my WR and now have them on my YZ. I tested there durability more than I care to admit. They are tough as hell and have real reinforement strength. They cost alittle more, but not near as much as new rads, as you have learned. I havent really looked at the other brands, I have had no need to. The Unabikers are everything you will need.

I love my Una-Bikers.

Matty, are you considering the ozi made B&B Aluminium ones?? :thumbsup:

Unabikers are the best design ( combination of guard and brace in one package) and they now fit without mods with the 3.3 gallon GYT-R or Acerbis big tanks. :thumbsup:

Likewise, Unabiker.

Myself and a fellow biker did a lot of research on all the rad guard/brace options. The Unabiker is a guard and brace in one. A recent thread showed a lot of support for this brand and the price is not that much higher than most - around US90 thru TT before shipping.

My .02 worth


Another vote for Unabiker. :thumbsup:

I like the Flatlands rad gaurds :thumbsup:

I've had the Devols for 2 seasons and they have saved my rads MANY-a-time. Including a few sideways launches on the rooty/rocky trails of Thomaston Dam and pi$$ing contest with a 1.5" sapling that claimed a rad shroud and but 0 damage to the Devols. I swear by them.

just my .02

I purchased Devols for my 05 and had a little buyers remorse based on bracing design for frontal impact protection. Unabiker's look more sturdy but I must say the Devols have taken some significant shots and held up.

Unibiker fully surrounds radiator assembly's and is fairly thick aluminum, not to mention color options. Plus they bolted right up with a little work even though my left radiator is bent down about 7mm. If it weren't for that I could have installed them with my eyes closed. Superb product verses any others I have seen on my buddies bikes. Money well spent guaranteed.

(not an endorsement)

Unabiker's. plus he is a member of TT and supports the site. I tore off one of my shrouds when I squared a small tree on the right side. The rad did not move with the Unabikers on it.

Unibiker all the way! :thumbsup:

Una biker!!

FORCE are made in Oz and do a great job, I have dropped my bike plenty and once on the trailer while I was driving, the side of the trailer impacted directly onto the rad guard, result was some scratched plastics.

Check them out on DBW Matty.

unibiker...premium product. easy to install, looks cool and the radiators are protected like fort knox...and no, i do not work for the company.

Wow...... alot votes for una-biker. I have ran Devols on both of my WR's and never had a problem, (I've ripped shrouds off and had numerous side and front impacts), then it happened....... I tried one of those tight trail 180 deg wheelie turn arounds and lost my footing, bike went down on the left side and somehow caused a leak right in the seam where the crown and the side of the radiator are "pinched" together. First off, OEM radiators are expensive pieces of $hit and the Devols do not have the upper and lower horizontal bracing across the back that I ahve seen on other guards...... they just have the one strap across the back in the middle. My guard bent in on the top and hit the radiator, I'm convinced had the guard been braced to the frame up there, nothing would have happened. I think the Devols are fine until you hit that rare spot and then it's over :thumbsup:

I bought a set of Fluidyne Rads :thumbsup: but I'm still running the Devols :bonk:

I'll be looking at some Una-bikers soon.....

Matty, are you considering the ozi made B&B Aluminium ones?? :thumbsup:

Of course I am, I don't think there would be better out there but having to buy 2 sets is expensive.......

How are yours going?

I had a look at the UNABIKER rad guards/ braces, they look great!

I know why everyone likes them so much!

The picture in the TT store does not do them justice, they should change it and they would sell more I think.

You must check out their website for anyone else thinking about them!


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