Anyone replaced their starter clutch?

I have an 03 wr450 and there is not all that many hours on the bike, but the starter clutch seems to have gone. My question is how hard is it to replace? I have looked in the manual and there is a special yamaha puller required, is there a way to get around this with using a generic cheap puller? any suggestions is greatly appreciated, the dealer is wanting about $150 for labour to do this.

Thanks for the help.

What makes you think the starter clutch "seems to have gone" for sure?

Many of the 03's had their starter clutches disintegrate. The 03 starter design had design flaws and put extra stress on the starter clutch. :thumbsup:

Trailtech has a puller for the '03. It's not listed on their website so you'll have to email or call them. I think it's around $20.

the starter clutch is bolted to the back of the flywheel. six allen head screws and it's off. when it's going out, the thing will make some godawful noises. it's trying to turn the engine but slips, then grabs, then slips. people will stare. when you remove it you'll find the small spring holding the parts together has failed.

owning the correct flywheel puller is not a bad idea. get one from the dealer, they don't cost that much.

be aware; when the '03 models were fixed by the dealers (for the flywheel key stuff)using yamaha's recommendations, they used a type of loc-tite when the flywheel was put back on. you will probably need to put some heat to the central hub area of the flywheel to loosen the loc-tite (if the dealer did the yamaha spec repair). also, if you would like to use the loc-tite when you put it back together, it is not your regular red or blue stuff. it is a cylindrical bond style meant to hold a round thing in a round hole. for what it's worth, it's green.

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