Friendly DMV's for DS

I have read just about every thread on TT that had to do with getting a plate in CA. What I haven't seen is some one collecting the information in a clear manner. So can those of you who tried to get your bike plated please post a brief description of your experience and the DMV location you used.

An example would be...

Used the DMV in San Diego. Had the inspection done at the San Marcos CHP station and light inspection done at North County Yamaha. Was denied by DMV because the CHP checked off the box that said "Emmisions for off highway use only"

I was just pulling names out of my rear end here but you get the idea. I am about to try and plate my 05 WR450 and would be willing to drive a fair distance to ensure I get a plate on the first try. So help your fellow TT'ers out that haven't gone down the path yet and fill us in.

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