YZ Throttle stop #

I was searching through the old posts and found a part# for the YZ throttle stop 5JG-14591-00. Is this the correct # for the 2001 models? The post did not say for which year. The parts department didn't have a clue. Guess I should stick to my normal shop, and not the closest.


That is the correct number and will work for a 01 WR426. You can also check part number for specific parts on www.partsfish.com

Its listed under CARBURETORS, item number 57,

Y5JG-14591-00-00 / spring adjustment screw.


will this work for a 98 wr400f? the throttle stop was removed before i got the bike and it doesn't run right in high rpm's without the shortened stop to keep it from going past the throttle position sensor...

can you help me find the correct part (from a yzf, or wr (too be cut down) to put there?)


The reason they can't find it, it because what we call it, a throttle stop, is not what is on the microfish. Give them the part number that is in my early post and they can order it. It will work on your 98. Tell them it is item number 57 on the microfish under the carborator section and its called a spring adjustment screw. The won't find it anywhere called a throttle stop.

Some people remove it completely but some claim that when totally open it does not seem to feel right. (turbulant feel). Like its opened to much. I shortened mine and it felt weird opened all the way, so I replaced it with a YZ to be sure. Seems a bit smoother opened up even thought the one I cut was a little short. I think it was off by a MM.


01 WR426 Uncorked, YZ throttle stop, Grey wire cut, BK mod. Do I dare change to YZ timing. (soon)

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