Stock Scoops fit IMS tank?

I'm getting the 3.4 gal. IMS tank off a friend and was wondering if my stock '00 WR scoops will fit it? Thanks

'00 will need YZ shrouds

I was looking at a Ims tank for my 03 and concluded it doesnt only the tanks from acerbis need YZ shrouds. Do a search for IMS tanks I just went to their website last week.

'98 - '01 need YZ scoops for the 3.4 gal IMS tank per the IMS web site

YZ shrouds or the YZF's?

I have an IMS 3.9 ( I think) on my 99 WR and the stock scoops fit perfectly.

FB, those tanks are great.... That's the 4 gallon IMS for the WR... They're talking about the smaller 3.3's :thumbsup:

'00 will need YZ shrouds

Correct... :thumbsup:

Correct... :thumbsup:

Are you guys sure??? I've been running WR shrouds on my '01 with an IMS 3.4 tank and they fit fine. Now on the '03 you definitely need YZ shrouds.

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