Question concerning Powernow Install

I am installing a Powernow into my 99 WR400 which has the first model FCR1 carb. The directions for installing the Powernow are not very clear and it does not say anything about the hose that is attached to the carb intake body that it must replace. The two bolt holes on the new Powernow match this stock body and installs well in place of it with the center plate going inside the carb and stopping just short of the carb slide like I believe it is suppose to. But the Powernow does not provide for this hose that was connected to the old carb intake body so what do I do with this hose? The other end of the hose connects to the air cut valve.

I called and talked to a lady from Scaryfast/Powernow and she said that she believes you leave this hose on and leave the end open. I am not very pleased with the instructions that come with this or the tech support. I know this install should is quite easy but with no mention on what to do with this hose.

Can anyone who has gone thru this please provide input?

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