Front wheel rattles

A former friend of mine crashed my bike last weekend (doing a wheelie) and among the long list of problems showing up is my front wheel seems to be loose. I have checked the axel and it is tight. I can grab the front wheel while it's on the stand and move it side to side like I'm rattling it. Does anyone know what would cause this? My forks are twisted in the clamps still from the crash and I haven't had a chance to adjust those yet because I haven't installed new bars yet. Any help would be appreciated. I tried a search but couldn't find anything. :thumbsup: My bike is an 02 wr426.

Thanks in advance.

Bearings and or broken spacer. Your ODO head may have damage as well. It's likely that it's just bearings, take the front wheel off and check everything out.

Your friend gonna step up and help fix it?

He has offered but I'm not sure he knows just how much he's looking at. My subframe and exhaust are toast, new bars, grips, rear fender, etc...

Live and learn I guess.

Lets see some pics?

Wheel bearings are most likely shot. It is common to go thru front wheel bearings once or twice a year. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys. I'd post pics but we ain't got that there high speed internet out here in boondock, OK yet.

Full floating brake discs develop a pretty good rattle just from age.....

Sounds like bearings to me and if you ask me your freind crashing has nothing to do with blowing them. The stock Yamaha bearing don't last long and were blown before he crashed.

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