rear light voltage?

I can not get my brake or running light to burn. There is 3.3 V on the running light wire, and 3.3V on the brake wire when i push the brake. I have 7.1 V on the turn signals when they are on. Does anybody have any idea what my problem could be. I am trying this with the bike running by the way.



I just checked the head light it is getting 5.1V on High


I was able to get 12V at brake light by conecting battery charger, however i still cant get 12V at the head light. I get 3.3 V at the horn, and it is very audible.

One other question the turn signals due not blink they just burn steady? I am thinking this is a relay issue?


Should be closer to 12V. Is you battery dead perhaps? Since you are talking about turn signals, I'm assuming that you are running a dual sport kit of some kind. Try disconnecting the battery.

The turn signals will only flash if there is enough current flowing to the bulbs. It will need the full 12Volts to do so.

Did you put a too big headlight on there. The stock stator will only run a 55 watt light max. Stock the XR600 has a 35W bulb. Not sure if if the 650R is the same. If you want higher power bulb you will need a high output stator.

Check for bad or corroded connections, nearly broken wires, etc.

I have everything working now, i feel like an idiot as i am an engineer.

The batery was dead. and i was getting the low voltage at idel, when i gave it more gas the voltage went up.

I am running the 55W bulb and it seems fine.

THX for the reply


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