which needle (besides jd's) would be best

which needle would be best. one from a 2004 wr450, or a 2005 yz. i have a 2005 wr450.

0-1000 ft

168 main

48 pj

temps 45-75 for now

also is there a post that shows all the yamaha needles? not by part #'s but by there 4-5 digit letters.

04 stock needle is very good! It was the 03 needle that stunk and 05/06 is not adjustable! :thumbsup:

The stock needle works great... No need to replace it unless it's damaged.

what is the diff between the 04 wr and the 05 YZ needle? the reason im asking is because i already have the yz needle.

thanks for the reply too!

The YZ needle works real nice... I'm sure that the YZ needle is close to an 04 WR needle, both work just fine.. The tapers might be a little different but not anything to drastic to make a performance gain.. (IMO) :thumbsup:

GDDUS needle came stock with my bike, as did the YZ throttle stop.

I think this is out of the AIS kit, as we don't have AIS on our bikes either.

This needle works good, but JD needle slight improvement.

Simply get a stock yz needle it is adjustable it is a NCVQ

I did the jetting with the GDDUS needle. The bike runs just fine, starting is a bit of a problem still. Going to install a 72 starter jet.

Check for it under jetting...

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