Power now

Does anybody have the Power now mod? What do you think of it, and is it worth the 90 bucks?

Make your own. Lots of info here to show you how to do it.

Seems like a waste of money to me for $90

A lot of the desert amateur racers that I know and some racers that I don't know that have written in magazines have the Power Now installed. I installed it also for the bottom to mid range. Unfortunately, I did all the modifications at the same time and cannot really tell you which modifications are better than the others. Heck, I never rode my bike stock. I did everything right after a brought the bike home after talking to guys who owned WRs.

If you can make your own for cheaper than I woul do that.

Waste of time to make your own, waste of money to buy one.

There is a thread that tells you how to make one? I searched but cant find one. Is it that tough to do it?

It was called the "James Now" and here is the link to the .pdf plans. You're welcome :thumbsup: ...SC

good idea to make one, but what I am really trying to figure out is the concept. I mean usually big air/fuel, big compression, and big exhaust usually = Massive power. Does it work, or is it a marketing thing to get you to spend money on your bike that wont do anything. I just dont know how I feel about sticking something right in front of my carb.

the jamesnow doesn't work on 450's. on the 400/426's, the rear portion of the carb could be removed and the cuts made. the 450 has a one piece casting. pretty damn expensive part to start hacksawing. is it worth it? if this was the only 90 bucks i was going to spend. no. your just not going to get an "oh my god" kind of change by just installing the powernow. get your jetting spot on. open the air box up. good stuff like that. for the amount of money, the boyesen quick shot is a better mod (unless your jetting is spot on already). if your going to throw a lot of money at your bike and you want to have everything, go for it.

for what it's worth, i do have a powernow in my 450. i also have a power flow twinair filter with the screen cut out of the cage, jd jetting, and the air box opened up. my low end power is strong and smooth. of all of that stuff, i'd bet the proper jetting is the most important.

I Love mine it does make the bike run cleaner at small throttle openings low end power.

...it makes the most difference for the beginners of the off road pleasure. If you won't spent 90$ for it just DIY. :thumbsup:

Does anybody have the Power now mod? What do you think of it, and is it worth the 90 bucks?

Made one for my 426,got to say on small throttle,it made it better.It sort of makes it a duel barrel carb effect.I tried the other mod where you drill a hole in it,that made it worse,so i went back to the original idea.For woods i think its worth it ,if your flat out dont bother.

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