Schematic for Baja Designs XR600 dualsport kit

Does anyone have a schematic, or are willing to create one from their harness, for a Baja Designs XR600 dualsport kit? I have a BD WR450F dualsport kit and am going to redo it to fit my XR600. I'll be buying the rectifier and NiCAD battery pack from BD but need to know how the wiring is routed. I'm looking for a schematic for the most recent BD kit, not the one with the FET or light switch mounted to the triple clamp. Much appreciated.

Did you check their website?

They don't have the schematics on the website and when I called I was told they didn't give those out. They do have installation manuals online. However, there are some things that can't be answered by just having the installation manual.

cleonard, you are the man! Obviously, I asked Baja Designs the question wrong and didn't look in the right spot on their website. I feel sooooo stupid...Thanks.

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