650L plastics

:thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup: Just bought a 2006 XR650L a week ago. Finally found a skid plate that didn't look like a maxi-pad, but having problem finding guard for shocks and disc. Not much out their for 650L body upgrades. Anyone know where to get some 650L plastic and decals?

XRs only has tank and seat graffics I think. Also I think some people have used fork and disc prottectors from a xr400.

I got some nice generic graphics at motosport.com

motosport.com has lots of nice stuff but they don't ship to Canada? But I did find front disk cover at Malcolm Smith Motorsports.

I've bought graphics and plastic for the 600R and they fit my L. Actually, I've bought quite a bit of 600R stuff that's fit my L. XR's only has disc quards for it, but no graphics (listed on their website anyway). Mostly I buy my stuff off Ebay.

I got a DG Skid plate off Ebay as well, as well as my WBE2 pipe. I don't use fork guards, but am slowly collecting all the parts to put a CR125 front end on my L, when that's done I'll use fork guards on the USD forks, they aren't really that important on conventional forks, the rubber boots due just fine.

I think Summers Racing Components has fork guards for the L. I recall seeing them somewhere, I'm pretty sure it was there.

I'm pretty sure I saw the graffics at XRs only. Of course it had there logo on it.

I'm pretty sure I saw the graffics at XRs only. Of course it had there logo on it.

Who knows what they have any given time. I was trying to find graphics for my L from them a while back, and all they had was 650R graphics. I ended up picking up an IMS tank anyway, and thus ditched the fake rad shrouds, so I went with 600R graphics which fit fine.

Malcolm Smith Motorsports also say they don't ship to Canada either. Man it's hard for us canadians to get parts.

what years of 600r will work for xr650l any idea? (plastic etc) 1991?

Try BikeBandit.com. They are expensive, but they have it all...

I had to cancel an order with them becuase they could not find the parts. (jets) so go figure...

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