Aussie pollution gear removal?

Just wondering by removing the polution gear on my 05 450 what power gains are to be made.

I have rejetted the carb that the spares kit supplied.(havent touched fuel screw)

Unplugged the standard exhaust and airbox.

YZ throttle screw.

13t front sprocket 50 rear

Does the fuel screw make a huge difference, i would also like to keep the bike relatively quete.

Keep up the good work.

Champ, not much else to do.

The fuel screw is great, it just cleans up the jetting a bit, makes it run smoother.

An adjustable fuel screw should be standard!

It won't really add power, but it makes your bike run right.

Did you take the end pipe completely off the muffler?

A pipe change is the best thing you could do to your WR, you don't need a full blown race system to get exellent gains either.

Have you had a look at the GYT-R 98db propower slip-on mufflers? Great value, I got one on the WR250.

Buy your pipe from here or you will save a fortune. It is like half price and will only take a week to get to you.

Thanks pal

i have taken the end right off the exhaust, and i will look into that muffler.

thanks again

You won't find the GYT-R stuff there.

It costs about $US60 ($80) to ship an exhaust to Australia!

I suggest a 98db "euro" version Whitebrothers aluminium pro. It is just different endcaps that they use, these can be changed.

here is one for $US429 = ~$650 Australian landed here.

one with new sticker for $US535 = ~$800 Australian landed here. They cost $1000 from ballards.

The GYT-R slip-on is $490.

Great quality. Great power boost. Gains are for YZ! Even more gains for WR.

They have a 94db versoin but 98db not that loud. If you have rem oved the end tip off your muffler, I would say the 98db versoin the same if not quieter.

I got a Procircuit Ti GP system on mine, it is flat out sick. Loud, very loud.

The 98db muffler on the missus 250 is heaps quieter, I should have got a 98db for my bike. Nothing wrong with the procircuit, except that it is 3 times as loud. It can be toned down though, but where is the fun in that?

Thanks for all your help.

Also, If i cut the grey wire will it make a noticable difference as there seems to be no clear cut definative answer.

Thanks for all your help.

Also, If i cut the grey wire will it make a noticable difference as there seems to be no clear cut definative answer.

Just pull the wire out of the harness, so you can put it back in.

It does make a difference, but only on our '05's for aussie models.

Is that the harness under the seat or? and what just yank it out at the plug.

Under the tank, you got to take the tank off to see it.

Just get some long nose pliers or something and ease the connector out of the harness. Wrap the connector with electrical tape to protect it.

disconnected the gray wire and tested it, it seems to have more mid to top however it dies-bogs just off idle for a little then rips into it.

it was running perfectly previously so unsure what to do.

Do you think if i get this pipe that it would resolve it.

What was your experience?

thanks in advance

maybe it needs to be jetted again...try some different carb settings before you buy a pipe.

The AP is lean... smaller leak jet will help the bog, but you also need to fatten up the mid and top end.

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