WR450 Graphics


Last year a fellow TT member refered me to a web site that had a graphic kit for my wr. The graphic had red in it and had WRF written on it. It is a ONE Industries product. I cant seem to find another one like it. Does anyone know where I might find one. I can remember web site where I got them from. Any help would be great. Thanks :thumbsup:

I couldn't find the one with red in it, but I did find this one on the ONE website...SC


Ya I saw that one, I'm trying to stay with I have. The tank graphic is the only one I need to replace. Gas spilled on it and now it is comming unglued. I'm not sure what kind of glue would restick it? Thanks for the input :thumbsup:

3M Super 77 aerosol adhesive will work great. If you can clean the tank area under the peeled-up portion of the graphic with rubbing alcohol or something similar, spray this stuff on and you'll be in business. Your local home improvement box ought to carry it...SC

Thanks I'll give it a try. :thumbsup:

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