1988ish xr600r oil change

Hey my buddy just pick up a xr600r the other day and Im going to do a oil change for him on it. The thing is, we do not know the year. Im guesing around 1988 and up. When did they change the xr600 so that the amount of oil you have is differnt. I was wondering how much oil do I need to put in with an oil and oil filter change. The bike did not come with a manual so I do not know the specs. Also if someone could tell me what to gap a new spark plug that would be great as the guy he bought the bike from said he never changed the spark plug. Thanks for any help.

Find out what year it is. There should be a tag on the frame between the triple clamps. If there isn't a tag, it probably has the VIN number stamped in the frame. Take the info to your local Honda dealer and ask them about oil and the sparkplug. They usually can look that up pretty quick.

It doesnt have the tag and the vin number is prob scratched out as the bike was stolen from the original owner. Then the bike was returned to the owner and my friend then bought it for $450. Sorry for the lack of info. I just tested the bike out when he bought it and it seem to run really strong. Just trying to get it ready so he can really test it out this weekend. Thanks

I though that they were all about 2 quarts. Just put in 1 1/2 quarts run it a bit, and then top off.

all xr 600's take the same amount 2 liters or 2.1 gallons.

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