ICO Checkmate mounting pictures?

I just got a Checkmate for our BRP Baja bike and I'm NOT stoked with the supplied mounting instructions. Grainy, poor pictures and insufficient directions. Can anyone help me out on mounting one of these to an XR650R (pictures would be especially helpful)?

After examining things further, I think I'm going to drill and tap a hole in the brake caliper mount between the calipers and the fork tube, then just thread the sensor wire in there. That's how I've mounted many Watchdog computers and it seems to work well. Any advice on mounting that magnet?

OK, the instructions say NOT to mount the magnet to the disc brake, so it looks like the above plan won't work. Does anybody have a Checkmate on the 650? How did you mount the sensor wire and magnet?

Get a bolt from zip ty racing that replaces the factory rotor bolt. The reason they tell you NOT to epoxy it to the hub is that some idiot will try to remove it some day ruining the hub. You epoxy the magnet to a small piece of metal and then mount that to the hub so its removable.

I still say use a bolt from zip ty...it was 12 bucks I think. As for the mounting of the unit itself, use the bitchen mount from scotts or BRP if you are not going to whip up your own. the one that comes with them with the two aluminum brackets is a pile and offers no protection.

Kritter, do you have one mounted on a 650 (or have you seen it done)? What method was used to mount the sensor wire so that it would pick up the magnet (where specifically was it mounted). That little generic mounting bracket they give you seems hokey.

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