Blisters !!

My hands seems to blister more than normal under my knuckles on the palms of my hands. Even on my right hand I get blisters and I play competative tennis 4 days a week, which means my right hand is already caloused up pretty good. (no jokes)

I where Thor gloves and they fit correctly, not too loose. Is this just the price we pay? Is it because I only ride every other weekend. What's the deal?


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I heard if you rub anti-perspirant on your hands it cuts down on the blistes. i have never tried it but i think i might.

Try aftermarket grips that are smooth. The ones with grooves cause blisters faster. Also, you might try some of that tennis raquette handle wrap -- just an idea.

Oh and don't hang on so tight, LOL.



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Sounds like you need new grips or you are gripping to tight. If you have new grips, try relaxing somewhat, but not to much. When you see trouble ahead, increase your grip. Your arms will not pump up as much either.

I have tried all the methods mentioned above and the only solution IMO is PC Racing's Kevlar "underwear" gloves! These stop blisters and are worn underneath your riding gloves. They are $20 and are well worth it, I have had mine for 6 months and they are very durable. Hope this helps,



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Yes I have the Underwear Kevlar gloves that you wear under your exising gloves

So far they seemed to have helped significantly more than if I did not wear them. They also breath very well, but become a bit of a pain when stopping and starting (taking your gloves off etc)

i blister badly as well in my races.

i ALSO wear the "underwear" gloves.

it don't matter.

it is the amount of sweat that comes from your palms that does it.

one of my friends uses athletic tape and does his hands before every race. this weekend i tried a new set of under gloves. they may be available to the public soon. i was testing them for the importer because he knew i had serious problems and that i would be a good test. well, in my 1+ hour race i had no problems. i need more testing though.

i do know that for a fact, 1 stip of "Luco" tape would cure your problems. however, the stuff is killer to remove. it takes acetone to get it off. makes duct tape seem like tissue paper. a medical supply store can get it for you.

good luck!


You made an interesting point... Sweat. It was 104 degrees last Sunday at Glen Helen, Riverside CA, and the blisters were worse than usual. So maybe gloves that breath better? I don't think that it is abrasion, more the sweat. Thanks


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Try doing the dishes with Palmolive. Soften hands while you do the dishes.

Seriously, Try using lotion to soften up your hand. It will give your skin more flexability.

I have the same problem- I've got HUGE callouses at the base of my middle and ring fingers on both hands. They get so big that I have to cut them off 'cause they get sore. I read in Dirt Bike magazine that athletic tape (like boxers use) will help with this problem. Every time I go to the store I forget to get some tape, so I don't know how good it works, yet. I'm going to get some before next weekend's ride and I'll report on it's effectiveness.

Mike you kill me......................

Bonzai :)

I had the same problem. Just use a little vaseline in your palms before you put gloves on. Works great for me!

Same treatment for monkey-butt!

Vasalene for Monkey butt !!!! Man dont go there! ROFL

The blue beast just has so much grunt I think I am just hanging on too hard!

Tell us more aboutthese secret new undergloves SUnruh

Man...I am never shaking hands with any of you 'sweaty palm types'. God knows what I might catch with that kind of humidity :)

On the other hand (pun intended), I am "blessed" with sweat pores like fire hoses which turn themselves on if I even think of doing something physical. I must say though that I have managed to avoid blisters under my armpits so far.


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Originally posted by WR400inOZ:

Tell us more aboutthese secret new undergloves SUnruh

i'll have to ask if i can post a pic of them.


You scare me. I think you should save that for another forum. :)

Blisters - I used to get them real bad until I started using Renthal Firm grips & not holding on all the time with "Death Grip" Now they are stable, until I go on the real rough tracks.....

Mike, come on now--That was a JOKE! But I did remember reading something on the DR side of the house about something similar to joke here...some lube that folks use on long enduro's and iron Butt" street rides. Check it out for yourself.

Not to be the butt of any jokes, but prelubing the areas that get chafed works. I use a bit of A&D Ointment before a long ride. Grip seats make the chafing worse. A&D also helps a lot if I forget to apply it first.

As for palm blisters, all of the above tips are good. Changing gloves with every pitstop helps a lot, and holding the bars like a tennis racket helps too.

I get the blisters on long rides also. I have found 2 things that work, medical cloth type tape across my palm, and using my bicycle palm gloves under the MX gloves. The bike gloves have gel in the palms and moisture wicking material that pulls the sweat out to the MX glove. I also use bike shorts under my MX pants to keep monkey butt where it belongs,,,,,,,,, on monkeys :D ! For those of you that dont know, bike shorts have chamios padding in them, its like riding on a lofa coutch :) . They are also made from cool max wich wicks and evaporates moisture VERY well. They fit nice and snug so there is no rubbing.

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