Pictures of my new 450

I'm a gloating parent, I can't help but brag! Finally got my new 06 450 today! I didn't get a chance to take any pictures in the daylight, but I snapped a few this evening before I put it to bed. Tomorrow I'm loading it up and taking it home with me (Twin Falls, ID) for spring break, and hopefully some good riding! I've got a big box of stuff that will be going on before the first ride... can't wait to go get it dirty!


Take 1


Take 2


Take 3

Congrats on the new bike. Those links aren't working for me though :thumbsup: .

Hmm... probably one of those "you have to be a member to view this photo" deals... is there a web site that lets you link to photos or albums AND allows non-members to view them?

OK. Also where are you going to college? Cuz i'm on spring break right now too and riding every minute I can!!

I'm going to school at the University of Idaho persuing a Master's of Natural Resources degree. I'm taking the liberty of starting a day early in hopes of getting some extra ride time in :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I think my riding days during spring break for me are over here, since it just snowed about 6 inches tonight. :thumbsup:

Try the pics now, I got a new account that should work.

Really nice bike man. Have fun and get that thing dirty. Tell us how you like it too.

Nice sure to check the jetting forum to get that thing running top notch.....

You got snow tires in that box of parts? Congrats on the new bike, it will make you forget your old Barge in no time...

Congrats. Looks like a beauty.

looking great :thumbsup: - really like that ally frame - looking forward to getting one in the future...

what is all that white stuff on the ground?


It's about damn time! Isn't it amazing how people can say their 426's are just SO good and they don't need a 450. Well, I never fully appreciated just how outdated my '02 YZF was until after spending a few months on my '03 YZF 450 I jumped back on my '02. Can you say turd? Have fun!

Nice one brotha, now its time for the first ride!

1. Yamaha is the best looking bike out there.

2. It looks way to cold.

Sweet ride there cowboy! If you can't tell, I'm green with envy. Congrats!! :thumbsup:

Dude congrats on the new bike. Sux you cant ride it but imma go and ride mine for you tommorrow.

Congrats buddy, she is a hottie. Ride her hard. :thumbsup:

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