Fly wheel problems

I am in the process of replacing my 5th gear and selector fork. One problem, I cannot get my flywheel off even using a 2 legged puller. The end of the shaft has given in and started to burr over. I should be able to dress the shaft but PLEASE, can anyone advise me on hove to get the bloddy flywheel off !! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Try heating it up with a torch it may have some killer loctite on it. :thumbsup:

Put the puller on tight but dont break anything. Then heat the flywheel near the center hub don't burn anything if you still need more tap on the center shaft (big bolt) of the puller with a hammer and when it goes it will scare the hell out of you. :thumbsup:

I had a 1986 Husqvarna that seized up. To get that flywheel nut off, I had to send it to a friend's shop where they work on repairing airplane turbines. With the monster torches etc they had there, it took him a couple hours to get that nut off, and then he said it flew across the room a 100' or so after making a horrendous pop sound.

Be careful when using the pullers that grab the outer edge of the flywheel. That's how I pop mine off but someone pointed out that it's common for the flywheel to dish when the center stays stuck and you pull on the edges. The Yamaha puller screws into the threaded section at the center of the flywheel and pulls from there with no bending of the flywheel.

I bought a cheap 3 arm puller and filed the ends a bit for clearance between the flywheel and the engine case. I tighten it up and then give the bolt end of the puller a quick smack with a hammer. Then I tighten a bit more and smack it again. That's the cowboy way but it always shocks it loose. I can't guarantee that you won't damage something like this so be careful. :thumbsup:

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