Vin code vs model number?

I have been offered a spare frame allegedly from an XR600 from a breaker who's having a clear out...its cheap and looks ok, no cracks, bends etc..

However, I'm always the cautious type when people seem to be giving stuff away and I have a feeling that the frame(vin) has been altered.

Here it is:JH2PE23U3YK6##### (last 5 digits withheld for security)

The 1st issue is that the manufacturer code looks like JHZ not JH2

The 2nd issue is the model: PE23U? Should this not be PE230?

Any XR600 owners out there please take a peek at your frame numbers at put my mind at rest, before I miss another bargain!

Cheers guys

hi. i've got an 86 xr6r my #'s jh2pe0406gk1XXXXX. hope this helps. tim

Thanks for that..looking like its altered then eh?

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