knee braces:harmful or helpful?

I was thinking of getting one of those EVS WEb knee braces to prevent injury and wear and tear on my knee. I currently wear thor knee pads and an ace neopene "brace"under them. I heard somewhere that braces sometimes do more harm that good?

Have you guys had any experience with this? Basically, i wanna know if spending all this money on a brace is going to protect me from injury and better than my thor force knee pad would. Thanks

try doing a search and type "knee braces", you'll get all types of answers

I started wearing EVS knee braces after i crashed and slightly tore a ligament in my knee. Theropy fixed it. I wear them everytime I ride now, on both knees, and actually now i can't ride without them. I got on the bike real quick to test some jetting changes and without the extra width of the braces i felt that it was harder to hold the bike between my legs! Also, they have saved me from knee injuries MANY times. In short, I love my knee braces!

some doctors do not recommend them except during recovery from a knee injury. many riders swear they 'wouldn't ride without them' (sorta like the steering damper phenomenon).

i'm not really qualified to comment, but i don't wear them. i bicycle alot and do squats twice a week and do plenty of backcountry skiing (hiking up steep hills and skiing down) so my knees are pretty well supported and i'm pretty light. if you are out of shape and overweight, you are at a much higher risk for all sorts of injuries.

fwiw, many knee ligament injuries (especially in chicks) are NOT the result of twisting, but simply sudden stress, aided and abetted by muscle imblance and weakness. my ex-gf tore her acl skiing just landing a jump turn in an instructor's clinic. no twisting stress at all, just a hard landing and poof it snapped. then she fell.

some doctors have expressed concern about knee braces applying leverage to the femur, and there have been instances of broken femurs right at the top of the knee brace. whether that's better or worse than a knee injury, who knows? although i'm not a fan (for me) of knee braces, i do wear ankle braces when i play volleyball. i've sprained enough ankles to be really tired of it and i'm looking forward to some great arthritis when i get old. also i think the mechanics of how the ankle brace works are a little different. it keeps your foot from inadvertently rolling so that you land in on it that way and sprain it bad. it's not really designed to protect against dramatic impacts from the side.

anyway, that's my .02. probably not helpful at all.


I tend to agree with the above post. After having two major surgeries on my right knee, I now have a steel wedge and four screws just below my knee. It's a detailed story so I won't go there...but I ware knee guards to easy any impact to my knees if I go down. The thing with braces is they make an area that is supposed to be bendable...stiff, therfore transfering any lateral movement to the hip, which can be an equally devistating injury. I also don't like the fact that I can't "feel" or hang on to my bike with that just doesn't feel right to me. I would love to hear Dr. Mark's thoughts on this.

You are going to get a lot of Pros and Cons as to this subject. Personally I wear EVS knee braces after ACL replacement although Velosapien and ttr have very good points. I love the EVS braces and don't even notice them when I ride. I suspect a lot of riders are like myself and have no false illusions as to future vulnerabilities.

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