01 YZ426 Devol Radiator Guards/Braces

I just recently bought a set of Devol Guard/Braces for my 01426 and after only two or three low sides in the woods the lower bracket that mounts the radiator shroud to the bike is bent to shit. If i'm not clear enough on confusing i'm talking about the bottom bolt on the radiator shroud, where that screws in. Anyway I took the damn thing off and had to hammer it back out to flat. Just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with these guards in general and anyway I can fix this other than fabricating steel brackets.

I haven't had any problems with mine, they have been on there for years.

ya, same here, i have had mine for a while now and they are great, i think you maybe really hit hard man!! maybe for your style of riding someone else will recommend something stronger, but i havent had any trouble.

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