Slip On S/A Exhaust

Which slip on Exhaust with Spark Arrestor is the chosen one amongst this group that remain under 98 decibels? I have done a search but seems that most ahve used stocker drilled out. That will not be an option I want to pursue at this time. Is the T4 really that loud and does the Ti 4 come with spark arrestor or do I need to go to Type 496. Thanks.


You don't mention R or L. However, In general I think the Pro Circuit 496 would be the pipe you would prefer over the T4. Also, there is the FMF Q and Q2 pipes which are supposedly around 94db.

Click up on "Store" at the top of the Thumper Talk page and do a search for exhaust. This will look in all the major bike catalogs, Parts Unlimited, White Bros. etc... and see what pipes are available for your bike.

Most any exhaust with a spark arrestor and quiet core insert (may be an optional add on part) should be below 98db.

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