Straigt&timing plug issue

If you want to change your WR timing to YZ specs (e.g.) you have to unplug these two plugs. You can use flat screwdiver (as large as possible) and you’ll damage it.

To unplug these gently you should buy two washers – for the timing plug a washer with 30 mm diameter, 2 mm thick and for the straight plug a washer with 40 mm diameter, 3 mm thick. Both made preferably out of aluminum. Now you can sleep well…you’ll no more hurt your baby.

Don't beat me if I'm reposting :thumbsup:

ok ... the men in white coats are on their way and will be here soon - back off slowly and don't make eye contact, it may be contagious and fatal !!!

Let them step to me...I'll show them how the hell looks like.

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