that's just weird.

i feel for you. pushing anything in the snow sucks.

Looks a little dirty there.

I broke a chain about 5 miles into Poison Spider last year. Fortunately, a jeep towed me back. What a pain in the butt. I always keep an extra master link on me for this sort of thing.

Although, you were pretty much screwed. :thumbsup:

Timo, I just did the same thing. But I was riding in a real deep rut as I was climbing a hill, my BPR chain guide bent in from the rut causing my chain to derail. The chain flew and landed on my shift lever, bending my shift shaft. Did you bend your shift shaft?


Yes it did :thumbsup: luckily that seal is not leaking so I just bended my gearshifter in a wise to match :bonk: It was a deep snow groove and think rear sproket just hit a tree stump or a rock hiding in that corner inside snow.

I'm designing a bit better shield for the block and for that gearshifter. Pictures will follow. :thumbsup:

Well anyway I'm taking my engine in parts in two weeks time, it has 114 hrs on it already and I have 3 day race (600miles) coming up on end off this month.


Looks like a good thing you had the case guard on still. I broke my stock chain a few months ago. Long story but I had it too tight. Landed a jump, broke it in Ten (10) places. Only good thing was it just fell off, didnt hurt a damn thing. My bro rode back to the truck and got a tow rope and towed me back. I went back to town got a new chain and was back out riding in two hours. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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