wr400 question

just sold my xr200r and im going to look at a 2000 wr400 what should i look for and is there any way to find out the condition of the valves he says theres no problems with the bike but for $1600 i think theres something wrong so ill need to find out the condition myself thanks

I think the biggest thing to look for is how easy it starts. Sometimes when valves need adjusting you'll hear a clicking sound and it'll want to start with the hot start lever pulled even when cold.. Make sure you are familiar with the starting drill on these bikes finding Top Dead Center of the piston. Motor wise those older WRs are solid. Make sure to go through all the gears including 5th, it's important. good luck... :thumbsup:


I bought a used 98 WR400 a couple months ago for $1675 and had to put plates, springs, left side radiator, front & rear sprockets and rear tire on it when I picked it up. I think a 2000 should go for around 2K so maybe you are right to be cautious. Sometimes you get a break though.

I agree with Dan. See how easy it starts and go through the gears. This is my first 4 and noticed the valves are a a little more noisey than I am used to. Maybe this is why you mentioned the valves? My buddy has a a 2001 yz426 and it sounds the same. No smoke, no joke. Just bang gears!

Go luck!

Noisy valves are usually a good thing because valves always go tight. These high performance yamaha engines have always made these noises, its just the nature of the beast. But definatly check the valves, and a new timing chain wouldn't hurt either.

so i should check chain, bearings, valves, rads, go throught the gears, and clutch pull? anything else?

thanks for the help

P.S. but should the valves be noisy, just able to hear, or quiet

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