flywheel ?

I was wondering if anyone has put a lighter flywheel on their WR 450. Is the YZ interchangable with the WR, or is there a lighter aftermaket one? I have done all of the free mods, and went up one tooth on the rear.

the 03-05 wr have reverse setup than the 03-05 yz (stator is in the outer case on the wr;inside towards the motor on the yz) i've heard that the 06 yz is now setup like the wr's but its highly unlikely they are interchangeable :thumbsup: i've seen no aftermarket lighter ones and its a stamped steel kinda thing that would not do well turning it down on a lathe. you could remove the starter and crap allowing you to remove starter gear and starter clutch assmbly like i did to my 04,both the 13 lb weight reduction and the lighter FW effect were noticeable :thumbsup:

Is there someone that sells lighter flywheels for the WR.

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