CRF450R coolant leaking / head gasket

I just bought a 04, CRF450R. I have ridden it 4 times and then decided to check the coolant. It was empty. I'm not sure if I bought it empty or not. I took it in and the service agent said it was leaking because of a bad gasket on the impeller. They replaced that gasket and then did a test ride. Now, according to them, it is leaking out of the overflow tube. They are now telling me that I blew the head gasket, which will take another three days. Are they telling me the truth?

my 125 is leaking coolant like crazy.. i have a small hole in my radiator tube that goes into my top end... it slowely leaks out.. i was taken a ride the other day and the head was almost light pink.. so i pulled it in and filled it up with coolant and glued the hole shut.. im picken a new hose up tomorow..

I think that if you blew the head gasket then u would have coolant in the oil. It sounds like they are trying to empty your wallet. Where in California do u call home? If you live near Temecula I would be willing to help you out before your wallet is raped. :thumbsup:

No it's a seal for the impeller shaft. I have an 04 and the 2nd time I rode it (I bought it used) the same thing happened. Check out the CRF450 forum and search, there are a million posts about how to change it. But the moral of the story is when you fill up the tank with gas check the coolant (every time), you could have blown the whole engine, and it's a good habit to get into.

You can blow a head gasket to where the compression pressure is forced into the cooling system, over-pressurizing it and causing it to overflow.

I've seen this on vehicles with aluminum heads where the head cracked and didn't leak coolant into the cylinder, just allowed the cooling system to be over-pressurized. The crack acted like a one-way valve.

The bigger question is why would you buy a used bike and not check all the fluids before riding it? :thumbsup: It's very possible that by running the engine with low coolant level that you blew the head gasket. Combustion gases leaking into the water jacket could over pressurize the cooling system and force water out the overflow. This could be a new problem or one that existed before you bought it. You're lucky if you get by with only a blown head gasket. It could have been, and usually is, much worse. Develop a regular routine of checking all your fluid levels before a ride. Make sure the mechanic checks the head for warpage while it's apart.

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