Wheres the Taffy Mod pics and info???

Did they move this info on ht e taffy accelerator pump mod. Anyone know where his actual post was with the pics and instructions??? Am I in the tylight zone what happen... Some one please post a link or pics... Thanks.

Are you talking about the one where he used the wire to tie the accelerator pump screw adjuster?

Yep I just want to see how he did it and the actual benifits. I remenber seeing it and wanting to do it and I have the carb off now. Anyone know the benifits and know where the orig. posting went or the pics???

You rock thanks for the link. After reading, I dont know if i want to do it. Taking Indys advice, it sounds like ducktape on a leaking submarine if you know what I mean. Not the right way to go about fixing a problem that should be done with patience and proper jetting. Hate to bring up old issues but does anyone have any info or experience with it. P.S. Indy, thanks for the info... :thumbsup:

You bet. Yeah I know what you mean, I dont know if I want to do this mod yet either.

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