Rear Shock

My 2003 WR450F rear shock is leaking just a little bit of oil, it only leaks after it sits from riding, and it doesn't start to leak for a couple days after riding. I have never had the nitrogen recharged and I think it could use it. I have heard that sometimes a shock will leak if the nitrogen isn't at the correct pressure. Can anyone tell me if this is true?? Also, how often should the nitrogen be recharged?

it's good to have the nitrogen pressure checked/recharged once a year. any shop should be able to do it. i don't know the psi, i just hand it to the mechanic and he hands it back when he's done. any yamaha dealer will know the psi. to be honest we should have the shock rebuilt (oil change) every year but i don't know any nonracers that do. as far as the oil leak goes, it's time for that rebuild. it should not leak, period.

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