Daytona Supercross

The official word is ' I fricken LOVE your avatar'. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk::eek::lol::bonk::bonk::bonk::eek:

It seems all Americans love Carmichael

I dont. Im a Stewart fan and a Reed fan. I was a Stewart fan all through the 125 class and a reed fan through the 250 class but now that they are toghther I just hope that one beats ricky


Matty, c'mon man, conspiracy? Most guys I know would love to see Reed win it. The politics of it are the AMA is trying to sell tickets. At $75 + for a ticket they have to keep things interesting. I was going to take my kids to the Seattle SX but at that price I'm out! Last year I payed like $40.00 for a ticket.

All Reed has to do is beat Ricky a couple times :thumbsup:


That's what I came up with when I really thought about it. Ricky would have been done with which doesn't sell tickets, and ratings would drop off.

I know it is not an anti Aussie thing, I wouldn't have cared less if they gave the points back to RC and no fine. The fact that they gave RC a fine because they still said he was in the wrong, that's what really pissed me off.

Reed seems to be in cruising mode. Bubba is still the best to watch for sure. Man that guy is fast! How can he come from dead last to battle it out for 1st is beyond me? Sensational! :thumbsup:

What disapoints me even more is no more Larocco. That guy is truely a legend.

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