How much horsepower... new graphics add? :thumbsup: I just put new graphics and seat cover on my old WR 450 and it looks like it added about 10 horsepower! :bonk: I'm going fro a ride tomorrow to try it out so I'll report back and let you know how well it works. :bonk:

:thumbsup: Lowedog

I think it will - like that new bike feeling!

Have you updated your garage photo with the the new graphics?


There was a write up about it in the latest issue of Squid's Offroad Journal. New graphics, depending on if it's just tank and shroud versus whole bike, add between 3% and 7% horsepower. If you're using the type with actual professional sponsor logos, it goes up even higher. They said it's because your bike just "knows" it's pretty, and it intimidates the hell out of the competition (read quads), because they think you're too good. I'm looking for some "Hello Kitty" graphics from Japan. I heard they're the new hot item and have had some top secret R&D go into them, something about their aerodynamics. These guys in the trailer park up the street from put 'em on their bikes and it was bitchin'. It was cool 'cuz they run their bikes with only a header pipe and no can at all. They're soooo fast now!...SC

i already got the yamaha factory racing hello kitty package. its all about vigilance and intimidation. :thumbsup:hellokitty.jpg

That's SO SWEET!!! Those are the ones I've been looking for!!! Dude, you gotta get me the hook-up, please!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

You have to be duct-taping your hands to the bars to compensate for the turbo-like increase in power. I'm so jealous!!! :bonk::eek::bonk::eek: ...SC

now the bike attracts chicks like you wouldn't believe too.

now the bike attracts chicks like you wouldn't believe too.

You should probably avoid cruising elementary school playgrounds with that thing. People might get the wrong idea...SC

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