Modified AIS Removal

Just getting my 05 finished up. Why can't a guy simply cut the small and large rubber hose and plug those? I am going to re-jet with a kit anyway, so it does not make sense to buy a "AIS Removal" kit just for plugs. Yes there would still be that ugly metal tubing visible.

You could, It just won't be as clean a removal.

I thought about doing teh same but got the TT kit and used it. It worked well.

Keep in mind - The Air Injection System pumps air into the exhaust. If there is nothing going in, the exhaust will try to flow out. That tube will get hot !

My AIS removal only required a black rubber cap for the vacuum port. To plug the exhaust pipe I cut the AIS tube back to about one inch short and TIG welded the end shut. The rest of the AIS valve and hardware was then removed. But, that was before a "kit" was available here @ the TT store.

I cut the tube off near the clamp, and brazed a solid rod into place. Does not look that bad, and I can easily remove it if needed. I went with a vacume plug on the small hose. Not perfect, but could have been worse.

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