Flooding Problems, YZ 426

Hi everyone, I have a 2001 YZ 426 that I have some carb flooding problems with. Symptoms are as follows:

-If I cut the engine, after about a minute, fuel comes out of one of the overflow tubes from the carb.

- If this happens, I need to kick the bike over about 50 times in order to clear it prior to it starting.

Things I've done to rectify the situation are:

-Changed the float level to reduce the amount of fuel being put into the carb.

-Used some grinding paste to get the fit with the needle valve as snug as possible.

Neither of these had any effect. Any suggestions? Cheers.

I personally would replace the fuel needle and seat assy with new. have you tried shutting off the fuel tap a minute before stopping the motor? My bike Will go a 1/2mile or more with the fuel tap off.

HD is right. The float needle and seat are at the very least dirty enough that they won't seal. They probably need replacement, but you might be able to clean them up. At the $40 the set costs these days, it's more worthwhile trying.

mine use to do the same, theres an o ring around the float bowl needle seat you have to remove the brass seat so have to undo the small screw that holds it in (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE )take out the brass seat and around the outside of the seat is a rubber o ring, mine was that stuffed it looked and felt like plastic , you can get one from most hardware stores, and you may have to use something soft to punch the seat back in as with the new o ring it will be a tight fit, bike now doesnt leak a drop of gas and seems to start better. Probably pay to check the needle and seat first like the other guys have said but if they are ok i bet you its that o ring. hell $40 for a needle and seat isnt to bad here in newzealand they wanted $104 nz dollars for the needle and seat :thumbsup: thank god it was only a 50 cent o ring

cheers Dave

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