White Bros E series pipe?

I orders a White Bros E Series pipe from the TT shop( the Oval one with visible plates).... out of stock... discontinued!!! So I had to cancel my order... bummer. I don't like the look of the new Series pipes they are far too "smooth" ... not "manly looking" enough for an XR650R ! :thumbsup: Does anyone know who has stock of these ? (Why would they discontinue a pipe that gives an extra 5+HP ... the mind boggles!)

5hp may be a little optimistic.

They claim more than that, not my estimation it's theirs!

The WB E-series is a great 'old' pipe. Back in the old days the E-series pro meg made a VERY strong showing (magazine dyno test). I've got one, and can attest to it's performance. Some of the newest, shiniest bits may be better, but the E-series is a solid pipe, just not real quiet, even with the quiet core insert.

I would agree the E-series makes good power. And its loud. You might want to try Chaparral-racing.com. I checked and their website says they have the S-bend silencer for the 650R (#W05-150-96) for $256.98 with shipping. It looks like they are out of the promeg type (the shorter E-series). The S-bend is longer and doesn't have has much top end as the promeg.

people sell them on E-bay all the time,

type in "white bros" in the search under parts and accesseries...there is about 20 E-series pipes for sale right now, I don't see any for the 650r right now but usually at least one a week pops up for sale if you keep watching.

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