Modified stock pipe saves big $$$

Cao. It's been 4 years since you wrote in this thread. I had to bring some life back because I plan to do something with the exhaust. How satisfied are you with these modifications after four years, and did you change anything else? A friend with I ride is a mechanic and he says that the very poor can hear the exhaust sound. When idling and running and with some tipping the throttle very slightly hear the sound coming from the exhaust, hear the engine more. I ride WR450 2007, and I only pull out that little db killer(baffle from the end of the pipe). It's better but I want more sound from exhaust. :) I mean some deeper sound ;) I don't want to do any jetting. I ask only which baffle to pull out for better, deeper sound? And can I only take off that tail pipe and 1 baffle? Thanks :)

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