Help!! I need to make a HARD choice!!

To make a long story short, I am buying a new(to me)bike, I had to sell my WR this spring , because of a little" bump" in the road. I have been looking at 2 bikes, and need to make a decision on which one to get.

The first bike is a 98 YZ400f, with about 200 hours on it. The bike has e series exhaust, and renthal bars, but other than that it is stock, and in average condition.

The 2nd bike I am looking at is a 2001 Kawasaki KX 250 with less than 10 hours on it. Bone stock. The guy who bought it is afraid of it.

I was going to buy a new YZ 250, but cannot afford it. I am leaning towards the Kaw, but I love the YZ 4 strokes!! BUT the YZ is a 98 with ALOT of hours, and marginal maintenance.

Give me some Pros and Cons guys. Thanks!!



You answered your own question - buy the KX. You'll be dumping money into the 3 yr old YZ4 to keep it up to snuff. You can always buy a 4 stroke when funds permit.


I would go with the KX250. When I buy used I like to get something near new, unless the guy was meticulous with the maintenance.

It also depends on the price. In certain parts of the country used sells for a lot less than it does in So Cal. Here people want $500 less for a bike that is 2 years old. This is simply not worth the lower price for the hastle, unexpected repairs and giving up newer technology. But if he wants to sell the YZ400F for $2500-$3500 vs the Kawasaki at $5,000 then maybe it is a different story.

So I guess we would have to know the prices, but if prices are equal, hands down the Kawi.


2000WR - EKN#5, 172MJ, 226MAJ, MAJ Passage drilled to 278, 48PJ, 100PAJ, YZ timing, BK mod, 3/4 turn pilot screw, DSP tapered header and pipe, IMS tank & YZ seat, Scotts dampener & triple clamp & Renthal Fatbar 971, White Bros suspension, Dunlop 756's.

Thats like two totally different bikes! :) Are they your only choices? I have one son with a 98 YZ400 and another with a KX250. Both good bikes. I guess it all depends on how much you can spend. With all the bikes for sale out there I would definately shop around. There are a lot of good deals to be found. Good luck, P

Two things to consider please :

a) Bottom end on YZ will have to be done sooner than you may expect

:) used bikes are like buses, one every half hour. If you don't like = NEXT !

Good luck, keep it simple!

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Here is the dilemma. I am looking to trade a quad for a bike, or sell the quad outright, and take that money and buy a bike.

I am getting rid of a 2001 Banshee, and was offered an even up trade for the 2001 KX, I was also offered the YZ and 1200 dollars for the quad. I can expect to get about 4000 to 4200 for the quad.

NOW what would you guys do.

I do like the KX, and I was really considering going back to a 2 stroke, but something in the back of my brain is saying "no". I am 35 years old, in excellent health, and excellent physical shape.

I need sugestions, my wife just says"What ever you want to do is OK with me"( Kind of a double edged sword isn't it!!)

Thanks for the replies Guys!!


A '01 KX250 for ~$4k doesn't sound too bad to me. What's a '01 KX worth on the used market in your area?

Dave you even stated that the YZ has had marginal maintenance - that alone would steer me away from it. Besides it's a first year production bike - water pump shaft problems, harsh suspension?, etc....

Plus, I'm not sure I'd buy a YZ/WR if I was looking for a new (to me) bike. The other options are very tempting depending on what you're looking for.


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I thought I might get pushed a little harder into the YZ!! This is THUMPERtalk isn' it!! Well, I am the proud(??) owner of a 2001 KX 250. I hope I can still hang out with you guys?!! Thanks for all your honesty, I really appreciate it!!


Congrats & yes I'm jealous.

I think you made the smart choice.


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