Don't break it

This may be a dumb question but is there a secret to getting the wire off the spark plug as I don't want to break it because its plastic and the manual does not show this procedure? :thumbsup:

No question is a dumb question :thumbsup:

Grab the boot as close to the engine as you can and with finger tips and pull up. It will kinda pop off. If that doesn't work use a big flat head screw driver to gently pry it up. DO NOT YANK ON WIRE !!!! You may find that once you get it to pop off it'll be a bit difficult to angle it past your throttle wires, tubing, etc as it is a bit long.... atleast on the 2002.

Good luck

Use a rubber tipped blow gun and blow some compressed air into the small drain hole on the right side of the cylinder head and that will usually get it off of the plug. It's a good idea to blow air into that hole before spark plug removal anyway to prevent any dirt from falling into the engine when the spark plug is removed. :thumbsup: WR Dave.

what a great suggestion Dave!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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