Radiator Tank for Overflow Question

I just purchased a 2000 WR400F that had been converted to motocross setup and I am changing everything back to stock WR form except for timing.

My question is this, the previous owner disconnected the reservoir tank that resides under the left side panel for racing. How important is this when I am out and about in the woods? Would it be a good idea to reconnect it?

If so, where do the hoses need to run to? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It's ok if it's not there, I disconnected mine on my '05WR450 the week that i got it. It is an EPA requirement and probably not a bad idea for guys that use their bikes on the road a lot. Just be sure to check your coolant level before each ride and leave about 1/2" (15mm) air gap for expansion and you'll be fine (umm, your bike that is)

originally these hoses are placed along the back side of the air box (snorkel side) then along the right side of air box (attached to the sub frame) and then under the tank going straight to the right radiator :thumbsup:

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