Yamaha bearings

Was Yamaha the only manufacturer to use that string cheese in the bearings of their bikes?? I heard they currently don't use the stuff on their bikes anymore. Anyone know why? I am rebuilding my linkage and was thinking about taking it out and regreasing or just greasing over the stuff? I have done a search on the topic but want more up to date info. Any info appreciated.

no, everyone has used it.

Just remove the stuff, grease up the needle bearings and go from there.

I just did mine and it doesn't seem to matter. I leave it in if it is in good shape and just pack it with grease. They do start to deteriorate though. When that happens just clean it out and put the bearings back in loose and pack it with grease. About half of my bearings still have it and half I have taken out.

I don't know what your referring to about string cheese grease. But, I just greased my linkages on my 06 450 and some of the bearings had no grease of any kind. I pulled the pin out to grease it up and I had needle bearings falling out of the casing. Luckily the time on the bike is just breaking the motor in. That is the worse I've ever seen on a new bike. I'm glad it's storming out other wise I would have put it off till my second oil change.

I just pulled my 06 apart yesterday and greased everything plus added an hourmeter/tach. Total waste of time. All the bearings on my bike had ample amounts of grease in them. I am really pleased with the way my bike was assembled. Nothing was loose and the quality of componets and fasteners is great, especially compared to the KX I had. Only complaints I had were phillips screws on countershaft sprocket cover and carb access. I left the cover off and put hex heads in place of the phillips screws. Why were phillips screws ever invented? Can't think of any reason for these things to exist.

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