Prime Time H/S

Anyone racing the Fall opener Hare Scramble at Metcalf?

Lets see...let me check the schedule!? The 7th is out for me. Might try for the Outlaw on the 14th though. Will you be doing that one? I've not ridden Cow Mountain yet. That might be fun. :)

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I think I going to come and watch my son race but I will wait for some better conditions before I race. Don't care for heat,dust and slick dirt or concrete what ever that stuff is. I must be getting old I thought I would let any conditions stop me. I will be out there with my trusty camera getting some good shots I hope. Let me know if your racing and give me your #,class,ect so I can post some photos.


Hey Aftershock RetSenior and I will be there racing in the Senior C class. Retsenior # 183 KTM I'm #480 Wr426 Good Luck I just wish it would rain!

PMAUST, there is a race every weekend for the next eight weeks, I plan on making them all body willing of course :) hope to see you at one of them. I will be racing C-4 stroke #939. I wrote your numbers down, hope to meet you guys and put faces to these posts.


Doug, my number last year was 665. I'm not sure what it will be this year. I will not be able to make every race due to my busy schedule. In fact, I was thinking about not racing at all this year. But, I am inclined to change my mind. I really enjoy going out there and having a go at it. I will be racing C super old fogies class. :D Hope to see you out there. Lets stay in touch. Paul :)

I'll be there #125 vet or 4-stroke B haven't made up my mind yet. I would gladly help out in the pits of the c race if anyone needs it.

See Ya Sunday, Huge

Marty your description of Metcalf is spot on. Concrete with a layer of slick dirt. Should make for some hard landings.


So Huge, you gonna be in flat track mode on that lovely Metcalf 'loam'?

Good luck to all you guys (seriously).


NVR FNSH, hugh I guess you first have to start to never finish?? Yea the conditions may suck but thats the great equilizer, they will be the same for everyone. Come out and enter a race you never know you just might finish.

get off your ass and ride, HUGE

I missed you guys at the race. My class started around 2:45. It was my first time at metcalf and was looking foward to the race. The course was almost 9 miles long, went through 5 motocross tracks, some semi technical up/down hills, and alot of highspeed areas with lots of dust and rocks. I had a good start and missed the carnage at the first technical up hill that dog legged left. I got into open terrain and hit the first rock bed, thats when it happend, pinch flat front tire mad.gif . I was only 3 miles into the race with no spare in the pits. I road another 6 puckerd miles to get back to the start. No finish, no points, Oh-well I guess thats racing.

Uncle Moose, I see you and Retsenior finished next to each other. How did you like the course? Doug

Hello Doug Since us older guys got to race the morning race the course was a little bit better then your race wink.gif I thought the TImekeepers did a good job smile.gif considering the conditions they had to work with. Retsenior and I were running around 11th place on the 4th lap when he took a speed getoff:0 I slowed and looked back but he was'nt moving so I went back. Knocked the wind out of him,bruised back, side and shoulder frown.gif Luckily he didn't get hurt any worse. Are you racing the OUTLAW this sunday. Look for you at the races. Ride Safe

Ouch, I hate it whan that happens. That was very good of you to stop and lend assistance considering your lead, I'm glad he wasn't hurt to bad. I will race the Outlaw H/S this weekend hopefully we'll have better luck.

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