Has anyone replaced their WR rear fender with a YZ fender??

If so...do you want to sell your WR rear fender??? (2003 or 2004 model)

I had a freak accident at MOAB, and totally jakked my rear fender. I figured one of you yz-conversion guys probably have one sitting around the garage.

You can come around and pick mine up for free! :thumbsup:

I've got one from my '05. The part numbers are similar, but I don't know if it'll work for sure. Acerbis and UFO list the same p/n's for '03-'05 so it's pretty likely. If you want it, make me an offer. Also, will you be needing the light assembly as well? Drop me PM...SC

i broke my rear fender too :thumbsup: every now and then one pops up on ebay, keep an eye out.... got impatient and went the yz route myself.

You know dude I am sure you know what you want but I will offer this advise anyway. Get a YZ fender for offroading, they are a helluva lot cheaper to replace. You can always put the WR fender on if you are daul sporting. But for 20 bucks, you wont be so pissed if you thrash another rear fender. Just an idea, its what I did and my bro wishes he would have done. hahaha. :thumbsup:

I bought the YZ fender too, and am very glad i did. I have since crashed and buckled my rear fender, and just took a hair dryer and heated it up until the crease marks were gone. and now i am good to go:) But I still got the WR fender and within 10 minutes i can hook it up and be good to go.

Arin, I have a full set of 03 wr450 plastics that I bought on ebay for cheap when I bought my 450. They are a little scratched and I was going to put them on while I got acquainted with the bike but because it was red stickered I sold it and bought my 426.

It's your for shipping if you want it or if anybody needs any of the other plastics let me know.


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