rekluse probs

Hey all,

I just installed the perch adj on my bike. I am having a couple of probs. And YES i did do a search. It seems that i cant find the sweet middle when setting up. I am either creeping in gear, or the clutch is not disengaging when pulled. It also seems that the reaction time is not very quick. For instance, i will let out the handle and it takes a second for it to engage. Please help and remember, a pic is worht a thousand words. SO please post em. And im not sure whats going on internally since i bought the bike with the clutch with the external adj. Thanx. and i am in boise, do you think the pals at rekluse could show me what to do right if i cant get it right? Again, thanx


The first thing I would do is check the gap specs for your model. A search or a call to rekluse will get you the proper specs. It sounds like that is the problem. That is where I would start, if thats not it, there will be lots of advise on where to go next. Good luck. :thumbsup:

Make sure that you set the perch adjuster to its specs. It took me a few tries to finally get it right. Which spring you use will set how fast it engages. Make sure you check gap after break in. :thumbsup:

well i took it on a ride today......and i think i got it, almost. One thing i am really not liking is that it is either on or off. I cant seem to "ride" the clutch and when i pull it in to rev out of a corner, it isnt very consistent on when it engages, but that could just be me. I got a whole week of riding ahead of me, so ill get it all dialed in, if i dont fry the clutch first :thumbsup: . One thing I am really liking is i can idle when peds walk by on the trail and also when i am going down technical stuff. Anyways, peace

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