2006 KTM 250f

OK I was wondering about the new 2006 ktm 250f, is it any good I want to get one so i thought i'd get some oppinions first :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

They are sick as aye. run really smooth, and very fast. You wont need to buy anything for them for racing, untill you break it or a riding at the bikes full potential. I have had to lighten the shockie and forks for my weight and its sweet as. I started getting a bit of headshake but now its all good.

Happy buying

Probubly the best 250 to buy & race, next would be between the Yamaha and the Husky. The Honda, Kawaski & Suzuki are all players IF you are willing to spend the $500 or so for some quality valves, stock they are very short lived

I strongly recomend the KTM Two-Fiddy Thumper. Recently bought mine. Throttle rolls on smooth and has power coming out of its.....well, you know. All in all, I'm glad I ditched Honda 125's. My first ride on my KTM made my weiner shrivel...but it was worth it.

Get it. Now.

I have a 2006 and about 12 hours on it so far....its amazing! It has a lot of power, and is very easy to use whether you like to lug it or rev it. I also have a 2005 KTM 250sx 2-stroke and needless to say its much more user friendly. It is light, has great suspension, and seems to have more power than the other 250f's I have encountered at the track. I am very happy with it and couldn't recommed a better bike for MX!

Good Luck!


It's got to be the best 250 4-stroke ever. i just love mine. Power is great and so is the handling.

this bike was my first KTM. i came off of a 2002 yamaha yz250f and i absolutely love it. my corner speed was faster than on my yamaha that had the suspension completely done andit has so much power. it almost doesnt feel like a 250. you will be very happy if you buy one.

I love mine as well! No complaints. I have ridden yzf's for the last three years and this bike is head over heals as far as handling and power. When I get off and ride a 450 after riding this, there is not near as much difference as when I got off my yamis. The gap between that was like I had been riding a 125 2-smoke...but now there is a difference, but not near as noticeable as it was!! I also have a fmf 4.1 with a mega bomb, and a honda float bowl with a leak jet. As people say..."This bike gets even better with the more time you put on it"!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

is the megabomb sytem on your 250sxf any good, becouse motocross action says the procurcit ti-4 gp system is better. i want to buy one of these systems for my 250sxf. i just need some opinions on which is better.

my 250sxf has some pretty bad carb. problems of bottom.it dosent idle so well and it has real bad throttle responce of bottom if i wack the throttle open. the shop says thats its becouse we missed with the pumper.the jetting is stock.so if any of you guys have any sugestions for the pumper please reply!!!!!!!!!!

If motocross action said that the pro circuit is better...I would take it as being much worse!! (their opinions SUCK) I have only ridden mine with the stock pipe and with the fmf 4.1 mega bomb system... so I can not compare the two. I am tremendously happy with the fmf pipe. It has mainly helped with the bottom to mid-range. I also put on a honda float bowl. The stock ktm bowl does not come with a leak jet, but the honda does. Call JD jetting and they will tell you what you need. This set-up performs much better than my buddy who has a stock 250sxf. Pumper?? :thumbsup:

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